Product Updates

Product Updates

We will be updating this page with any information we get from the pressing plants/distributors regarding orders. Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

Tunic: Please see page here.

Metroid Cinematica Recharged: Mango Mage Records is partnering with Sam Dillard to bring Metroid Cinematica Recharged to vinyl!  The grand, two-hour symphonic tribute album based on the Metroid series was successfully funded via Kickstarter and is currently in production. EXPECTED TO SHIP Q4.

Upcoming Projects

Time Once Lost (Majora's Mask cover album by Rozen): LIVE March 28, 2023 12pm EDT
Rebirth and Despair (NieR cover album by TPR): LIVE April 18, 2023 12pm EDT
Ghibli Secret Hideaway (Ghibli cover album by Rozen): summer 2023
Fair Winds & Following Seas (Zelda: The Wind Waker cover album by ZREO: Second Quest ft. Atlys): TBD