- Pre-orders for Tunic Limited Edition ‘Threshold’ Box Set CLOSED on Saturday, 6th of April (2024) at 23:59 PST. Talks about a "standard set" but nothing set in stone as of now.
- Shipping date TBD as we are awaiting confirmation from customs.

-Please check Twitter (X) Update for more information.

Band-aid ripped, but you can spot the finish line.

The whole set has been an exercise in playing Tetris with vinyl production and we are about to l-Tetrimino clear that combo! As of right now, every single piece of the TUNIC box-set puzzle is on its way to the warehouse, save for the records (awaiting pre-order closing). The test pressings have been approved and ready to go. On Saturday, 6th of April at 23:59 ET, we will close the pre-orders and finalize the number of sets needed.

This is it. Once completed, this set will be locked in. There will NOT be a second run of this specific design.

Meet: The ‘Threshold’ box-set.

What you’ll be receiving for your patience:

  • Custom ‘Threshold’ Box w/ Vinyl Shelf
  • Art Booklet w/ art & words by ma-ko & design by ROZEN
A 12" by 12" booklet brimming with ma-ko art.
  • 4 Color LPs in full-color inner sleeves w/ art by ma-ko
  • Two Holographic Foil Gatefolds w/ art by Vivian Magaña & Jon Marshall
  • Wooden ‘Glyph’ Board designed by ROZEN & Andrew Shouldice (dicey)
The glyph board allows you to easily write in the TUNIC language… if you know how!
  • Felt Sleeve for Gatefolds w/ key art by aurahack & ma-ko
  • Double-sided Slipmat w/ art by ROZEN
Two sides, two different ways to make your turntable more enigmatic…

We've asked for a lot but hang in there!

Now that all but the vinyl is produced, we expect to ship every box in June.

Thank you all for bearing with us. We wanted this to be a special release, and special it will be. It’s undoubtedly taken a long time to reach this point but both Mango Mage & Stumpy Frog are proud of what we’ll be sending out in June. It’ll be a release unlike any other in your collection, truly one-of-a-kind; strictly limited to this run only.

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat, please reach out to info@mangomagerecords.com or hello@stumpyfrog.com and we’ll make sure you wind up happy with your order.

  • Ronit, Brooke, Walt