Hi and welcome to our website!  We are Ronit & Brooke and we are the faces behind Mango Mage Records.

One of the first things I remember about the early days of our relationship was driving to the hospital together for our shift and realizing that we both listened to VGM and anime music. Having that in common was a first for both of us and we shared many early mornings listening to everything from To Zanarkand to Song of Storms to Sadness & Sorrow. Since then, we have successfully passed down our love of music (and video games) to our 4 children and, about a year ago, made the dive into our own VGM vinyl collection. What started as a “little hobby” quickly became a passion of ours. And, after some encouragement and mentoring from a friend in the business, we decided to start our own label as a way to share some of the amazing music we love while at the same time promoting talented artists and musicians.

So that’s a little about us! We are so excited to start this endeavor and thankful for every one of you that is supporting our dream and following along for the ride!

-Ron & Brooke