Tunic Limited Edition Box Set delayed to Q1 2024 due to elaborate nature of the release
This delay no doubt comes as unwelcome news to most of those who put in their order earlier this year, but I want to provide some transparency on what’s coming, and why we feel that the delay is justified and will benefit the release greatly.

Tunic means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For the thousands of gamers who played it, it’s an adventure wrapped in enigmas that they’ll remember for years to come. To developer Andrew Shouldice aka Dicey, it was a gamble that paid off, as he quit his full-time job to work on what would be his pièce de résistance. For music collaborators (and partners) Terence Lee and Janice Kwan, it’s the culmination of 7 years of creative labor and care, creating soundscapes that provide depth to the world of Tunic.
A release of the Tunic soundtrack on vinyl should do nothing less than honoring them all. That was the jumping off point for Stumpy Frog Records & Mango Mage Records when we decided to collaborate. What we discovered was the drive to do things different, dare I say better, took us down a longer path than we expected. A path we now see reaching the end of Q1 of 2024. This delay no doubt comes as unwelcome news to most of those who put in their order earlier this year, but I want to provide some transparency on what’s coming, and why we feel that the delay is justified and will benefit the release greatly.


Status Report

Where does the release stand?

Keeping things simple was never in the cards for a proper Tunic release. Every step of production found itself elaborated on as we began putting things together; it became clear that we couldn’t follow other label’s leads on this one. What began as a 4LP release housed in an industry standard (but customized) box turned into a desire to crank every aspect of the release up to 11. To do this, we found ourselves reaching out to a multitude of artists, each with their own specialties, to give each aspect of the release the care it deserves.
What came together first was the outer gatefold, or rather gatefolds, that would house the 4LPs. Artist Jon Marshall provided the graphics that would cover the outside of the gatefolds, to be layered with a holographic layer. When put together, the gatefolds reveal a singular, precious gem, glimmering with secrets to be found within the rest of the packaging.
For what the gem would reveal when opened, we sought an artist able to present the journey of the game’s main character in a new light. The idea was to essentially have a ‘Renaissance' interpretation of the legend of Tunic; a representation of not how it was, but how the stories would be told and remembered. For this art we reached out to Vivian Magaña who blessed us with a 24” by 24” centerpiece that works both when the gatefolds are separated and when they’re adjoined. In addition to the art itself, we’ve added secrets to discover. It didn’t take long for us to decide to also include a 12” by 12” insert of this art for the first 1000 orders as a mea culpa for the delay and for those who would want to frame Vivian’s art.
From the enigmatic exterior, to the romanticized interior, the next question was that of the inner sleeves. After all, 4LPs means 4 inner sleeves that need to stand on their own. We wanted these inner sleeves to properly elicit the feelings of first picking the game up, so we utilized key art created by artist MA-KO. For some, MA-KO’s art for Tunic was what drew them in to pick up the game in the first place. Every piece they create has an unrivaled sense of scale and adventure, which is why each LP inner sleeve will sport their art on one side, and a tracklist with a unique aesthetic on the other side (created by developer Dicey). Perfect for framing, the 4 inner sleeves tell an abridged version of the story of Tunic.
Anchoring every LP is a center label designed by composer and graphic designer ROZEN, with glyphs created and chosen by developer Dicey. Each center label will properly correspond to the LP they’re on, with a nearby secret or two thrown in. ROZEN’s flair for geometry, as seen in Materia Collective and Mango Mage Records releases, was a perfect fit for the Tunic release, which is why he’s also creating art for the slipmat and the box set to house this behemoth of a release. Your Tunic LPs deserve a throne, and ROZEN's art will provide it.
The manual for Tunic, created by developer Dicey, is a joy to behold. Besides containing a wealth of secrets and hints and easter eggs, it’s also home to many adorable drawings of items, glyphs, and of course our protagonist. That’s why we’re including a sticker sheet with some of our favorite fox drawings to help brighten any flat service you can find.
How will you let people know you’re on an adventure? Say it with a postcard; every box will include a postcard with Tunic art!
Tunic is an experience of discovery. We wanted to include something conducive to that, especially for those still in the throes of the game to this day. That’s why we’ll include a special cypher made of burned wood. Consider it Tunic’s Rosetta Stone to help you discover new secrets you may have missed on your first go of the game.
The key art MA-KO created for Tunic consisted of far more than just the 4 pieces depicted on the inner sleeves, which is why we chose to include an additional 12” by 12” multi-page booklet showing the rest of their contributions in all their glory. Ideal for your coffee table, or just for an afternoon mental stroll through the world of Tunic.

The Box
What to expect?

Although we had options to choose from, none of them tapped into the heart of what Tunic represented: the sense of adventure, the sense of achievement, and the sense of puzzle solving. So, we decided to make our own box to fit the theme of the album; one that could contain the records and its secrets, along with the deluge of treasure this release is shipping with. On top of that, it needed to be interactive; like a tomb opening up. This is the prototype we created. A treasure box with hidden depths to be revealed.

Getting this right took a long time. This, combined with our extensive collaborations each step of the way, has forced us to delay the release to Q1 of 2024. But we hope that, once this one-of-a-kind release reaches your doorstep, you’ll agree with us that it was a worthwhile wait.

Naturally, a full refund can be provided for those who would rather not wait. Simply reach out to info@mangomagerecords.com for the refund and hello@stumpyfrog.com for all complaints and/or comments you may have!

The refund would be immediately given, with our sincerest apologies. Those who choose to wait will receive something truly unique; something that will not be repressed or remanufactured. This limited edition will not be back.

Thank you very much for your time and patience. We’re aiming to make this the best release it could possibly be.


- Ronit & Walt.